Day 10: Cheesecake goodness

Day 10 » A photo of your favorite place to eat

Conti’s! Where else?


Stress and fatigue from work led an officemate and I to the search for a decent place to destress and gossip. Then we found Conti’s in Serendra.

I’m really in love with this comfy place, their brewed coffee and their oreo cheesecake. Better than Starbucks’ oreo cheesecake, in my opinion.

My officemate and I had a memorable night in Conti’s last year while planning our project’s Christmas party. We ordered slices of chocolate mousse, oreo cheesecake and 2 cups of brewed coffee. The planning went later than expected so we stayed until 9-ish PM. Then, 30 minutes before closing, we were given a free refill of the brewed coffee and a complimentary slice of cake! FREEEE COOOOFFEEEE!! FREEEE CAAAAKEEEE!! We were so crazy high that night (sugar and caffeine rush all at the same time). Good times.

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Day 8: Meron ba?

Day 8 » A song to match your mood

This song makes me feel like I’m living in a teen TV series.

Kjwan – Meron Ba


‘Di na naman kita naabutan
‘Di na naman kita nadama
Ang tagal na nating ‘di nag-uusap
Pinag-iisipan kita

Meron bang nawawalan ng sarili sa mundo
Tayo ay naglalakbay patungo sa ginto


Ikaw ang aking parola
Kahit ‘di mo ako nakikita
‘Pag malapit ang mapanganib na mga alon
Ikaw ang aking gabay

Papa’no na ang bukas
Papa’no na ngayon
Palayo nang palayo sa ‘yo

Iniisip kita (ooh)
Iniisip kita (ooh)
Iniisip kita (ooh ahh ahh)
Iniisip kita (ooh)
Iniisip kita

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Day 7: Ribbon in the sky

Day 7 » Your dream wedding

At the age of 26, [unmarried] girls should have a clear picture of what their wedding would be like, but not me. All I know is it will be definitely be in a church in Manila. I mentioned in the first blog challenge that girls would be wearing white dresses. I need to change this to a different color because I want to be the only one in white on that day.

Everything is still a blur, but I have only one clear picture in my head: the first dance with my husband as a married couple with the wedding song I love.

Most of my friends are getting/got married. I won’t be joining the bandwagon anytime soon. Forever can wait. :)

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Day 6: Bruce

Day 6 » A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet

Brucey Bruce Bruce?

I’m not really a fan of dogs but Bruce is an exception. We have the same birthday. He follows me everywhere and never forgets who I am. So far, he knows how to sit and fetch; and will learn much more when he gets bigger.

He’s the new bunso of the family and we love him to pieces. See you on October Brucey.

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Day 4: Gal pals

Day 4 » Your favorite photograph of your best friend

I’m reposting the one I did for Day 4 in the first 30 Day Blog Challenge attempt. I’m pretty convinced to put detailed stories of how I met each one of my gal pals but something came up.

A branch of Central BBQ Boy opened last night in Lipa City, Batangas, my hometown. I know this is not a big deal for most people, but it is for me! It’s my favorite bar of all time, and it’s right in Lipa! I can’t stop using exclamation points because I’m sooooo excited to go home on October and celebrate my birthday with my friends! Bad trip and Korean beefsilog, see you on October!

Thank you God for Central! I have something to look forward to.

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Day 3: First date!

Day 3 » Your idea of the perfect first date

Instead of making up a story of the perfect first date, I’ll try remembering what our first “date” was like.

Eight years ago, we were juniors in college. I think we’ve known each other for just a couple of weeks that time. He had this crazy relaxed long hair that I really love.

We were never really close after we were introduced but one night, I received a text message from him asking me if I ate dinner already. The version of me a long time ago is very fond of eating alone but I was really intrigued by this silent and mysterious person so I said yes when he asked me if I wanted to eat out.

Several awkward silences and one spaghetti meal later, I knew instantly. :)

P.S. For amateurs, it’s a big no no to order spaghetti on the first date or any date at all. You’ll end up brushing your teeth with your tongue every second.

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Day 2: Inverse Proportionality 101

Day 2 » A photo of something you ate today

According to Wikipedia (skipping all the yada yada details):

…the concept of inverse proportion means that as the absolute value or magnitude of one variable gets bigger, the absolute value or magnitude of another gets smaller, such that their product (the constant of proportionality) is always the same.

If the formula for inverse proportionality is:

y = k/x

Then the value of x would be the time I spend in trainings and conference calls; and y would be my appetite.

Work, work.

Anyway, here’s a photo of what I ate today.

  1. The first iced tea drink I liked. Ever.
  2. American black coffee in a coffee shop named Paodora.
  3. Five pieces of a meat goodness. I don’t know what it’s called, but we call them “squirting meatballs”.


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